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"I went to see Annabelle to help me make sense of grief and a series of bad relationship patterns.  I had no expectations of her and initially thought I'd only go the once!  Six months later, my life has completely turned around.  Annabelle helped me find answers through all my confusion, she supported me whilst I made the changes I needed to make and was my guide through a very difficult time.  I am happier than I've ever been and I could not have done it without Annabelle's outstanding work with me. I am a convert! To anyone thinking about seeking counselling, I urge you to go and see Annabelle and give her a chance to make the same fantastic difference to your life. Thank you so much Annabelle."




"I had just been diagnosed with a long term health condition and I was feeling very sad and angry. I had suffered from depression years before but with the sudden impact of my illness I felt unable to cope. Annabelle really helped me to come to terms with my condition and some of the changes I needed to make in my life. She was very supportive and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help."




"For many years I had struggled to understand how I got myself into destructive relationships and I could not seem to get out of this pattern of behaviour. Since starting counselling with Annabelle for the first time in my life I have begun to understand myself more and my relationship with others and I cannot thank Annabelle enough for helping me to come to this realisation with her help and support"

Karen A



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